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Conciergerie Airbnb Paris 20

Seasonal rentals in Paris 20, an opportunity for property owners

Paris’s 20th arrondissement, famous for its authentic atmosphere and mix of cultures, is an attractive destination for Airbnb rentals. With an average occupancy rate of around 80%, this district offers a unique experience at the heart of Parisian neighborhood life. A stay in the 20th district means discovering neighborhoods like Belleville and Ménilmontant, with their lively cafés, local markets and artistic ambience.

Delegate the entire management process from A to Z by entrusting your property to our concierge service.

Conciergerie Airbnb Paris 20

4.6/5 out of 300
Google reviews

+6000 passengers
monthly satisfied

+500 properties
in management

4.6/5 out of 300
Google reviews

+6000 passengers
monthly satisfied

+500 properties
in management

What you need to know about our Airbnb concierge in Paris 20

At ClickYourFlat, we treat every customer and their property in a unique and personalized way, ensuring quality and peace of mind every step of the way.

Increase your income

Short- and medium-term rentals offer owners superior profitability potential, and ClickYourFlat is committed to maximizing your revenues with our dynamic pricing software and dedicated pricing strategy teams.

Complete vacation rental management

Our Airbnb concierge service in Paris takes care of all aspects of vacation rentals, from pricing and maintenance to welcoming travelers. We relieve owners of these time-consuming tasks.

Peace of mind

ClickYourFlat’s proactive management guarantees peace of mind for owners, who can concentrate on their core business by delegating operational challenges.

Dedicated Team

When you choose ClickYourFlat, you benefit from a dedicated team ready to accompany you every step of the way, ensuring constant support for successful rental management.

In short, our Airbnb concierge service simplifies the management of your rental by offering a complete, personalized, dedicated service, allowing you to fully enjoy the benefits of vacation rentals without the hassle.

Managing with ClickYourFlat is simple and seamless, involving the following steps to ensure a hassle-free experience and maximize your revenue:

Initial telephone consultation: We begin with an initial consultation to understand your specific rental management needs.

Visit and valuation of your property: During the visit of your property our Airbnb concierge performs a detailed evaluation of your property to optimize its presentation and determine a competitive price.

Preparation for Airbnb rentals or medium-term rentals: Our Airbnb concierge service in Paris takes care of the complete preparation of your property, including professional photography, installation of the connected box and creation of the listing.

Reservation management: ClickYourFlat takes care of the entire booking process, from communicating with travelers to ensuring the constant availability of your property.

Welcoming travelers: We provide a warm welcome 24 hours a day, contributing to a positive experience for travelers.

Maintaining your property: Regular maintenance is carried out to ensure the consistent quality of your property.

ClickYourFlat calculates your income transparently, based on the price of your accommodation and the number of nights rented. Here’s how it works in detail:

Prime rate: We establish a prime rate and a minimum rate for your accommodation, which serves as a starting point.

Dynamic pricing : Our teams of revenue managers, supported by our dynamic pricing algorithm, adjust this prime rate daily according to supply and demand. This adjustment is designed to maximize your occupancy rate and optimize your revenues.

Number of nights rented : Revenue is then calculated by multiplying the various rental rates by the total number of nights rented.

Our Airbnb concierge commission: Our commission only applies to income actually received.

To illustrate, let’s imagine a reservation at 1,000 euros. After deduction of the platform’s booking fees (approx. 18-20%), this leaves around 800 euros. If we then subtract the cleaning costs, which vary according to the size of the apartment (say 50 euros in this example), we’re left with 750 euros. ClickYourFlat’s commission is calculated on this amount, and the remainder is paid to the owner.

In short, your net income is the result of gross revenues adjusted for platform fees, household expenses and our commission. Dynamic pricing adjusted daily maximizes your occupancy rate, ensuring optimal revenues.

With ClickYourFlat, you benefit from total transparency, paying commission only on the actual income from your property.

We take great care in selecting our travelers. Our team takes care of this process to guarantee the quality and reliability of the tenants in your home. Here’s how we make our selection:

Filtering algorithm : We use a specific algorithm that filters travelers according to their profile and predefined criteria. This enables us to focus on selecting people who meet your preferences and requirements.

Information required: We require detailed information, including age and reason for stay. This is particularly important for travelers with no history of comments.

Preference for Verified Profiles : We favor travelers with verified profiles and positive feedback. This reinforces confidence in the quality of our tenants.

Encouraging Family or Couple Bookings: We actively encourage family or couple bookings, contributing to a friendly and respectful atmosphere.

Compulsory identity check: All reservations require the presentation of an identity document, thus ensuring a systematic verification of the tenant’s identity.

In short, our traveler selection process is designed to ensure that only reliable, respectful people rent your accommodation. We implement strict criteria, verified profiles and identity verification to ensure a positive and secure experience for owners.

Why choose an Airbnb concierge service in the 20th arrondissement of Paris?

Paris’s eclectic and dynamic 20th arrondissement is increasingly popular with visitors and residents alike for its unique atmosphere, lively markets and rich cultural life. Using an Airbnb concierge to manage a property in this area has many advantages. This article takes an in-depth look at why an Airbnb concierge service is particularly beneficial for maximizing rental income and providing an exceptional experience for tenants.

1. A vibrant, culturally rich district

The 20th arrondissement is famous for its diverse neighborhoods such as Ménilmontant and Belleville, known for their artistic life and bohemian ambience. Visitors flock here to discover iconic sites such as the Père-Lachaise cemetery, numerous artists’ studios and concert cafés. This diversity attracts a wide range of customers, from creative young people to families in search of cultural discoveries. Renting a property in this area means taking advantage of a constantly growing rental demand. A well-established Airbnb concierge can help maximize occupancy and rental income through targeted, professional management.

2. Local expertise and market knowledge

Airbnb concierges operating in the 20th arrondissement have in-depth knowledge of the specifics of the local market. They include fluctuations in demand, visitor expectations and peak and off-season periods. This expertise enables us to set competitive rental rates, attract the right tenant profiles and guarantee efficient management. By entrusting the management of their property to a local concierge, owners benefit from this in-depth knowledge to maximize their rental yield.

3. Professional, time-saving management

Managing a short-term rental can be demanding and time-consuming. Airbnb concierge services take care of all the necessary tasks to ensure smooth, stress-free management for owners. This includes creating attractive advertisements, managing reservations, communicating with tenants, welcoming and checking out tenants, as well as regular property maintenance. By delegating these responsibilities to a concierge service, owners can concentrate on other activities, with the certainty that their property is well managed.

4. Maximizing rental income

Airbnb concierge services use advanced tools and effective strategies to maximize income for owners. Thanks to dynamic price management and ad optimization, they are able to adjust rates according to demand and local events, guaranteeing optimal revenue. By offering high-quality service and obtaining positive reviews, concierge services also improve the visibility and attractiveness of listings, resulting in increased bookings and revenue.

5. Safety and contingency management

Safety is a top priority for owners renting out their property on a short-term basis. Airbnb concierge services implement rigorous measures to verify the identity of tenants, manage security deposits and intervene quickly in the event of a problem. They have protocols for dealing with emergencies and unforeseen events, from necessary repairs to disputes with tenants. This proactive management assures owners that their property is protected and well maintained.

6. Improving the tenant experience

An Airbnb concierge offers a quality service that enhances the tenant experience. This includes a warm welcome, personalized advice on local attractions and assistance available at all times. By providing a high level of service, concierge services contribute to positive reviews and tenant loyalty. A good tenant experience translates into rave reviews, a better reputation for the listing and an increase in future bookings.

7. Service flexibility and customization

Airbnb concierge services are flexible and can be tailored to the specific needs of each homeowner. Whether for full or partial management, owners can choose the services that best meet their expectations. Some concierge services also offer additional options, such as long-term rental management or renovation services to enhance the attractiveness of the property. This flexibility allows owners to tailor the management of their property to their needs and objectives.


Opting for an Airbnb concierge service in the 20th arrondissement of Paris is a smart strategy for homeowners looking to optimize the management of their property and maximize their rental income. With a vibrant, culturally rich location, local expertise, professional management and an enhanced tenant experience, Airbnb concierge properties offer many benefits. They save owners time, increase their income and guarantee optimum security for their property. By choosing a specialized concierge service, owners can make the most of their property’s rental potential and offer their tenants a memorable experience.

Additional details to consider

In addition to the advantages mentioned, there are several other reasons why an Airbnb concierge service in the 20th arrondissement of Paris can be beneficial.

1. Improved visibility and marketing

Airbnb concierge businesses often have resources and digital marketing skills that individual owners don’t. They can improve the visibility of listings on rental platforms, use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to attract more visitors, and even promote properties on social networks and other marketing channels. Better visibility usually translates into more bookings and higher revenues.

2. Professional customer service

Airbnb concierge services provide professional customer service, available to answer questions and solve problems for tenants at any time. This can include managing delays, assisting with lost keys or solving technical problems in the home. Responsive, efficient customer service contributes to more enjoyable stays for tenants and better valuations for owners.

3. Regular care and maintenance

Airbnb concierges carry out regular inspections of properties to ensure they are in perfect condition for future tenants. They also coordinate the necessary maintenance work, from minor repairs to major renovations. This regular maintenance ensures that the property remains in good condition, which is essential for maintaining its value and attractiveness on the rental market.

4. Adaptation to legal requirements

Short-term rentals in Paris require compliance with certain local regulations, which can be complex and constantly changing. Airbnb concierges are well aware of these legal requirements and can help owners comply with current regulations, such as obtaining the necessary permits and meeting rental day quotas. This legal expertise protects owners against possible fines and sanctions.

A safe and profitable investment

In conclusion, using an Airbnb concierge service in the 20th arrondissement of Paris is a strategic decision for owners looking to maximize their rental income and offer a high-quality experience to their tenants. The vibrant and culturally rich location, local expertise, professional management and enhanced tenant experience all contribute to the success of this approach. By choosing a specialized concierge service, owners can ensure that their property is optimally managed, while enjoying peace of mind and increased profitability.

Long-term outlook

Using an Airbnb concierge can also offer long-term benefits for homeowners. By regularly maintaining the property and ensuring that it is always in excellent condition, concierge services help to maintain, and even increase, the value of the property. What’s more, by building a solid reputation through positive reviews and quality customer service, owners can guarantee a steady stream of bookings and revenue.

Personalized service offering

Airbnb concierge services often offer a range of personalized services to meet owners’ specific needs. This can include interior design services to make the property more attractive, professional photography to enhance advertisements, or advice on improvements to increase the property’s rental value. By personalizing the service offering, concierge services can help owners stand out in a competitive market and maximize their return on investment.

Final conclusion

In short, choosing an Airbnb concierge in Paris’ 20th arrondissement is an extremely advantageous option for homeowners. Thanks to strategic location, in-depth local expertise, professional and flexible management, and a significant improvement in the tenant experience, Airbnb conciergeries enable owners to take full advantage of their property’s rental potential. By opting for a specialized concierge service, owners can guarantee worry-free management, maximize their revenues and offer their tenants an exceptional experience, while ensuring the longevity and value of their property.

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