Airbnb rental management: who to entrust with your property?

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Managing an Airbnb property comes with its own unique set of challenges, which go far beyond simply renting out a space. Owners have to juggle day-to-day management responsibilities, adapt to an ever-changing regulatory framework and meet customers' high expectations in terms of service and comfort.

Short-term rental issues

Lack of time

In today’s hectic world, managing an Airbnb property can be a major challenge for already overburdened owners. Between professional and personal commitments, finding time to deal effectively with the rental business, from communicating with customers to resolving urgent issues, can become a real headache.

Time-consuming airbnb rental management

Time-consuming tasks

Airbnb rental management involves a multitude of time-consuming tasks: from updating listings, organizing guest arrivals and departures, to cleaning and maintaining the accommodation. Every aspect requires meticulous attention to ensure a quality experience for tenants and to maintain the housing’s competitiveness on the market.

The high frequency of check-ins and check-outs, as well as the need to maintain impeccable cleanliness and respond quickly to tenant requests, therefore require rigorous management that is often time-consuming.

Complex regulations

Navigating the maze of local and national regulations governing holiday rentals can be daunting. Short-term rental laws and regulations are constantly evolving, requiring regular monitoring to ensure compliance. This regulatory complexity poses a particular challenge for owners unfamiliar with the legal intricacies of the real estate sector.

Rental management airbnb legistlation

So it’s vital that all these issues are well managed, because overcoming them can turn short-term rental into a profitable and rewarding source of income for the owner.

Who can do property management?

Managing an Airbnb property can be approached in different ways, each with its own benefits and challenges. It’s like choosing between cooking at home, going to a restaurant or opting for a private chef; each option meets different needs and preferences.

The self-managed owner

When an owner chooses to manage their Airbnb rental themselves, they take on all the responsibilities associated with seasonal rental. This direct approach involves managing reservations, communicating with guests, organizing check-in and check-out, maintaining the accommodation and resolving any problems. Although self-management offers complete control and can reduce management costs, it requires a considerable investment in terms of time and effort.

According to a Phocuswright survey, around 33% of Airbnb owners choose self-management, so this represents a minority of owners. Indeed, a large proportion of them prefer to opt for peace of mind and delegate rental management to an external service provider.

The traditional real estate agency

Traditional estate agencies offer more traditional, structured rental management, ideal for owners looking for a less involved approach. These agencies take care of the essential aspects of rental management, such as marketing the property, managing rental contracts, collecting rents and dealing with maintenance issues.

Airbnb rental management

However, they are generally more suited to long-term rental and may not offer the flexibility or specific expertise required for seasonal rental. Owners who choose this option benefit from professional management, relieved of day-to-day tasks, but may encounter limitations in terms of personalization and revenue optimization specific to short-term rentals.

Real estate concierge services

Concierge real estate is a tailor-made solution for managing seasonal rentals. These specialized services take care of all aspects of short-term rental, from marketing the property to managing reservations, welcoming tenants, housekeeping, maintenance and rate optimization.

Ideal for homeowners who want to maximize their income while minimizing their personal involvement, concierge services provide cutting-edge expertise in the field of vacation rentals. They not only relieve owners of operational tasks, but also optimize occupancy and profitability through dynamic pricing and targeted marketing strategies.

Real estate agency vs concierge service: what are the differences?

Expertise and scope of action

Real estate agencies traditionally have expertise in long-term sales and rentals. They have in-depth knowledge of the real estate transaction market. It is therefore highly advisable to call on this type of company when you want to buy a property, sell your main residence or rent out your second home, for example. According to anINSEE study, real estate agencies handle around 60% of long-term rentals in France.

Real estate agency or concierge service?

Concierge services, on the other hand, specialize in short-term rentals. They focus more on the customer experience, rapid tenant turnover and maximizing seasonal revenues through a specific pricing strategy. They therefore offer services tailored to the specific needs of this segment, notably in terms of marketing and reservations management. In fact, a study by Hostfully shows that properties managed by concierges specializing in vacation rentals see an average 20% increase in occupancy.

Different contractual terms

Contractual terms between real estate agencies and Airbnb concierges vary considerably, directly influencing how owners can manage their properties.

Traditional estate agencies tend to offer long-term rental management contracts. These contracts can often extend over several years, offering owners a degree of stability. For example, a typical contract with an estate agency might be a three-year rental management agreement, where the agency manages all aspects of the tenancy, from finding tenants to collecting rent. However, this approach can lack the flexibility to adjust rates or quickly change rental strategy in response to market trends.

Rental management airbnb searches

On the other hand, Airbnb concierges, focused on seasonal rentals, often offer more flexible contracts. These agreements can be based on a much shorter period, sometimes on a monthly or seasonal basis, and allow owners to adapt quickly to fluctuations in the tourist market. For example, an owner could sign a management contract with a concierge for the summer season only, with the option of adjusting prices or changing manager at the end of this period.

This flexibility is particularly advantageous for properties located in tourist areas, where demand and prices can vary considerably depending on the season. It allows owners to maximize their income in peak season, while having the freedom to regain control of their property or change management strategy if necessary. It is therefore more advantageous for an owner to turn to a concierge service like ClickYourFlat to manage his or her property.

What services does a concierge offer?

Reservations management

Reservation management is a key service offered by concierge operators, simplifying the rental process for the owner. This includes managing schedules, communicating with customers and coordinating bookings. According to a study by Skift, using concierge services to manage reservations can reduce the time spent on these activities by 50%, improving operational efficiency.

Rental management airbnb market study

Check-in/ Check-out

Concierge services play an essential role in managing the check-in and check-out processes, key elements in ensuring a positive customer experience in short-term rentals. More than just handing over the keys, these services involve a warm, personalized welcome, where tenants immediately feel at ease and well-informed about the property and its surroundings.

The professional management of check-ins and check-outs by concierges not only contributes to greater customer satisfaction, but also to the retention and attraction of new tenants, thanks to positive feedback and word-of-mouth.

A ReviewPro survey revealed that check-in/check-out quality influences customer satisfaction by up to 40%, which is no mean feat.

Housekeeping and maintenance

Rental management airbnb household

Housekeeping is a crucial aspect of rental management, especially when it comes to seasonal rentals. This service ensures that the property is not only clean and welcoming to each new tenant, but also maintained in immaculate condition, which is essential to ensuring a positive experience and rave reviews.

According to an analysis by TurnoverBnB, cleanliness is one of the most important factors in Airbnb reviews, with around 70% of guests mentioning cleanliness in their comments.

Optimize revenues with dynamic pricing

One of the most valuable functions of a concierge service is revenue optimization through dynamic pricing, which is one of the many advantages of seasonal rentals. This strategy adjusts prices according to demand, local events and seasonal trends.

Rental management airbnb rendement

According to Beyond Pricing, adopting dynamic pricing can increase owners’ revenues by up to 40% by maximizing rates during periods of high demand.

How to choose your airbnb concierge?

Choosing the right Airbnb concierge is akin to selecting a trusted crewman for an ocean voyage. You need a reliable, competent partner who can navigate the sometimes complex waters of vacation rentals.


When choosing which concierge to work with, we strongly recommend that you consider several aspects, including the ones below, so that you don’t make the wrong choice and entrust your property to just anyone.

Our services

When choosing an Airbnb concierge, evaluating the full range of services they offer is an essential part of ensuring efficient, worry-free rental management. An ideal concierge service should offer a holistic suite of services covering all aspects of vacation rental, from reservation management to property maintenance.

By outsourcing these tasks to a concierge, owners can significantly reduce their workload, while ensuring that their property is professionally managed. This not only enhances the overall experience for tenants, but also optimizes rental income and property profitability.

Proposed pricing

When choosing an Airbnb concierge, pricing is a crucial factor to consider. It is essential to strike a balance between the cost of the services provided and their quality. The pricing structure of each concierge service can vary considerably, and it’s important to understand what’s included in these fees to properly assess value for money.

Rental management airbnb profitability

Some concierges may offer rates based on a percentage of rental income, while others might offer a flat rate or a fee based on the specific services you use. For example, a concierge could charge 20% of total rental income, but offer full management, including marketing, reservations, cleaning and maintenance. Another might offer a lower rate, but with more limited services, or extra charges for additional services.

According to an article by Channel Manager Experts, management fees generally vary between 15% and 30% of rental income, depending on the concierge center, but the market average is around 20% of generated income.

Brand awareness and customer reviews

A concierge service’s reputation is an indicator of the quality of its services. Consult the reviews and testimonials of previous customers to assess their satisfaction. Studies conducted by AirDNA show that customer reviews have a significant influence on travelers’ decisions to rent. Properties managed by top-rated concierge services thus see an increase in their occupancy rate and average rates.

For example, ClickYourFlat has a rating of 4.6/5 with over 230 reviews, as shown on our google page.

The benefits of entrusting your vacation rental to an airbnb concierge service

Rental management airbnb advantages

Maximizing rental income

Entrusting your vacation rental to an Airbnb concierge can significantly increase your rental income. Concierge services use dynamic pricing strategies and advanced marketing techniques to optimize occupancy and rates.

Peace of mind

Delegating the management of your Airbnb property to a concierge brings invaluable peace of mind. You benefit from professional expertise for day-to-day management, from reservations to emergencies, reducing the stress and hassle associated with vacation rentals.

Peace of mind

According to a survey by Hostfully, over 75% of landlords who use concierge services report a significant reduction in their stress levels related to rental management.

Guaranteeing a better experience for travelers

A professional concierge service greatly enhances the tenant experience, which is crucial for success in the competitive vacation rental market. With attention to detail, from a personalized welcome to impeccably maintained accommodation, our concierges ensure that every stay is a memorable one.

According to an analysis by ReviewPro, properties managed by concierge services achieve customer satisfaction scores that are on average 20% higher than those managed independently.

Conclusion: Finding the right property management partner


To choose the ideal rental management partner, start by assessing your specific needs. For example, if you own a vacation property in a tourist area, you’ll need a manager experienced in short-term rentals and able to handle frequent arrivals and departures.

If you live far from your property, a partner offering full management, including maintenance and emergency, would be ideal. For owners concerned with revenue maximization, a manager with expertise in dynamic pricing and digital marketing strategy would be the appropriate choice.

In short, clearly identify your priorities: ease of management, maximum profitability, or maintenance and care of the property, to find the partner who will best meet your expectations.

Let us manage your property

Our services enable you to delegate the management of your properties while optimizing their rental performance. Airbnb or medium-term management, we specialize in seasonal rentals.

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