Why entrust the cleaning of your Airbnb rental to a concierge?

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The cleanliness of a property plays a crucial role in the tenant's experience, making every stay a memorable one. In the world of short-term rentals, a spotless space is not just an expectation, it's a promise of comfort and hospitality that directly influences traveler satisfaction. In this article, find out why delegating this essential task to a concierge can transform your tenants' experience while simplifying your rental management.

The impact of cleanliness on Airbnb rentals

The cleanliness of a rental has an undeniable impact on its success, especially in a competitive context like that of short-term rental platforms. It is often the first criterion assessed by tenants on arrival, and a determining factor in their overall experience.

Concierge housekeeping: the importance of efficient airbnb housekeeping

Customer reviews :

Reviews left by previous tenants are crucial. A spotless property generally receives positive reviews, highlighting cleanliness as a strong point. This feedback is vital, as it reassures future tenants about the quality of the accommodation.

Conversely, negative comments about hygiene can deter new bookings, even if all other aspects of the accommodation are satisfactory. In fact, 80% of negative reviews concern cleanliness.

Hosting reputation :

The online reputation of a seasonal accommodation is built over time, and relies heavily on the consistency of cleanliness between each stay. A property regularly praised for its cleanliness gains reputation, which raises its status on rental platforms like Airbnb or Booking, and so consequently the accommodation will be more promoted and gain visibility.

Future bookings :

Cleanliness has a direct impact on your occupancy rate. For two similar properties, tenants are often more inclined to choose the one with a higher number of positive hygiene reviews, even if its rate per night is higher. Indeed, cleanliness is a key selection criterion for travelers, who are willing to invest more to stay in places where hygiene is beyond reproach.

Conciergerie menage : woman enjoying in an Airbnb apartment

The quality of the cleaning is essential for getting good reviews from tenants about your vacation rental. These positive reviews help to attract more bookings, allowing you to optimize your revenues by setting higher rates, thanks to the positive reputation you’ve established.

This means that maintaining exemplary cleanliness is not just a question of customer satisfaction, but also a lever for optimizing occupancy and rental revenues.

Housekeeping challenges for Airbnb hosts

Managing the household of a short-term rental is a major challenge for owners. This task, essential to the success of their rental business, involves not only efficient time management but also maintaining high standards of cleanliness. If you choose to take on this task yourself, you may encounter several difficulties.

Time management :

For Airbnb hosts, time is a precious resource. Preparing a property for the next tenants often requires thorough cleaning, which can be particularly time-consuming between bookings. This task becomes even more complicated for those who manage several properties or juggle other responsibilities.

Finding the time to guarantee thorough cleaning for each tenant rotation can therefore be a real race against time.

Short-term rental: entrust housework to a concierge service

Cleaning quality :

Maintaining consistent cleaning quality is another major challenge. Rushed or superficial cleaning can lead to negative reviews that damage the reputation of the accommodation and, by extension, its profitability.

Guests must ensure that every corner of their accommodation is spotlessly clean, which often requires professional skills and equipment.

Cleaning products for check-out

In short, cleanliness is a central pillar of short-term rental management. This makes the reliability of the cleaning service crucial, especially during periods of high demand when there are frequent rotations.

These challenges highlight the importance of effective household management for Airbnb hosts. They explain why more and more guests are choosing to delegate this task to concierge services.

The advantages of entrusting your rental cleaning to a concierge service

Opting for a concierge service offers a range of significant benefits that go far beyond simple cleaning. This collaboration can greatly revolutionize your property management and enhance the tenant experience.

Benefit from a professional cleaning team

When you entrust the management of your property to a concierge service, you benefit from the expertise of a dedicated cleaning team, trained in best cleaning practices.

This professional team guarantees impeccable quality and consistency with every household, ensuring that tenants always find your property in pristine condition.

Professional concierge team performing airbnb housekeeping

Complete linen management

One of the most time-consuming tasks in short-term rental is the management of household and bath linen. A concierge takes on this responsibility, ensuring that all textiles are not only clean and fresh for each new tenant, but also of the highest quality.

This service eliminates the hassle of washing, drying and ironing, and ensures that your home always offers a luxurious, comfortable experience.

Restocking towels in seasonal accommodation

Provision of basic consumables

In addition to cleaning and linen management, concierge services also provide all the basic consumables you need for a pleasant stay. In most cases, this includes soap, shampoo, toilet paper and cleaning products.

Providing these elements helps create a warm welcome experience, underscoring your attention to detail and traveler satisfaction.

Consumables in the bathroom of an airbnb accommodation

In short, entrusting your vacation rental to a concierge service frees you from complex logistical tasks, allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of managing your property or simply enjoying your free time.

This collaboration not only ensures that your tenants enjoy a clean property, but also increases the perceived value of your offer, thanks to a comprehensive service that translates into improved profitability and positive reviews.

How do you set the cleaning costs for your holiday rental?

On Airbnb, cleaning fees are additional costs that hosts can include in the total rental price to cover expenses associated with cleaning their accommodation, after guests have left.

Understanding Airbnb cleaning fees

The cleaning fee is determined by the host and is intended to pay for the cleaning of the accommodation between ten ants’ stays. This is a separate amount, which in most cases is added to the basic fee. This fee ensures that the property is always clean and welcoming to each new guest.

According to studies carried out by Airdna, experts in Airbnb market analysis, the median rate charged for housekeeping fees is 76 euros, meaning that half the listings offer fees below this amount, while the other half exceed it. In France specifically, the average rate for these same expenses is 54 euros.

How do I determine my Airbnb cleaning costs?

The amount of the cleaning fee is determined when the Airbnb listing is created or updated. This amount can vary considerably depending on :

  • The surface area of the dwelling

  • Location

  • The level of detail required for cleaning

One of the best strategies to implement is toexplore and monitor listings of similar properties in your area.

Conciergerie menage: how to set the price for housework?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Log in to your Airbnb account

  2. Choose the map view to view ads in your area

  3. Filter results to display only ads that match your type of accommodation

This will give you an accurate estimate of the average rate charged. Setting a cleaning fee of €70, when surrounding properties charge only €40, could reduce your appeal to travelers and therefore your occupancy rate.

Outsource the setting and management of household charges to a concierge service

The most practical and effective solution for setting a fair household rate is to delegate this responsibility to a concierge service. Thanks to their expertise, they are able to determine competitive and fair prices, thus avoiding discouraging bookings due to household costs deemed too high by potential travelers.

Managing cleaning costs for seasonal rentals

At ClickYourFlat, our team of experts uses state-of-the-art tools to establish these rates. What’s more, managing over 350 properties gives us a rich and valuable comparison base in terms of property typology, which helps us considerably in this task.

Conclusion: Why is it essential to delegate the cleaning of your Airbnb to a concierge?

Handling the cleaning yourself can be a considerably time-consuming and tedious task, while using an external service provider, such as a self-employed contractor, presents risks, particularly in the event of last-minute unavailability prior to check-in.

A concierge service, on the other hand, has a professional in-house team capable of handling not only the cleaning but also the maintenance of the property, offering a reliable and efficient solution for guaranteeing quality and continuity of service.

Entrusting the cleaning of your vacation rental to a concierge service transforms the rental experience for both guests and tenants. Owners benefit from a professional, reliable and consistent cleaning service, which translates into increased bookings and improved customer satisfaction, resulting in positive reviews.

Let us manage your property

Our services enable you to delegate the management of your properties while optimizing their rental performance. Airbnb or medium-term management, we specialize in seasonal rentals.

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